[originally] was created as an iBooking product in 2004. Spun out as a separate company later that year the concept was the result of a meeting in a Glasgow City Centre restaurant with experienced restaurant operator, Mike Conyers. Mike was a fan of using technology to improve restaurant performance and marketing and had been an early adopter of web-based reservation systems such as Live Bookings. With iBooking having experience in development of online booking applications, a partnership was formed to develop a new Software as a Service application serving the restaurant sector.

Since launching in September 2006, over 10,000 restaurants around the world now experience the benefits of using ResDiary™ and ResDiary™ is now available globally as a cloud based system.

At it’s core, the solution had to tackle one of the industry’s key problems – how to optimise yield while providing an easy to use booking engine that could be used on the restaurant web site as well as in the restaurant to serve walk-in customers and telephone bookings. By working out the algorithms that allow a restaurant to maximise efficient use of it’s available table space, and optimising the flow of customers across each service period, offered a unique approach to both operational efficiency and restaurant marketing.

Nine years on and is one of the most fully featured, well proven products in the sector. Restaurants and restaurant chains worldwide are enjoying the benefits of automated real-time bookings, intelligent customer management and profiling, as well as allowing increased profitability through the smart application of table optimisation and yield management. The company has more than 10,000 installs and continues to grow it’s loyal customer base through direct sales and a global reseller network.

From the concept through the early years of product development, testing and marketing, I worked alongside Mike to bring an idea to life. The product continues to be enhanced based on customer feedback and evolving technology. Now supported by mobile and tablet applications, has cemented its position as one of the world leaders in SaaS technology for the restaurant sector. With no commission charges and a flat monthly fee it offers a proven investment case and is loved by experienced restaurateurs throughout the world.

Updated in 2019 - was sold in an all cash deal to Accor S.A.